A keen ability to interpret the story  A naturally reflective voice; rich, confident, intelligent, upscale, clear, authoritative, Americana.
Today's listener doesn't want to hear a reader, they want an experience. Joe's natural characters – never over acted – draw a listener in and involve them in the author's intent.

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Locale  Northern Texas

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"I've been telling tales all my life, some of which caused my Granddaddy to get out the switch. Now, I'd like to bring your story to life."
My voice can be that of The Trail Boss, a fatherly figure, an encouraging professor, or give the listener a big, warm bear hug.
Most importantly, however, is delivering the end result – satisfying listening.

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When two men meet in the Virginia state penitentiary in a maximum security visitation room on May 5, 1968, they have only one thing in common: they both want their lives back. On one side of a glass divider sits Kenneth Deatherage, who was sentenced to death for the brutal rape and murder of a young woman. The jury agreed with the prosecutor's closing argument: that all evidence points to Deatherage as the killer. But Deatherage says the evidence was fabricated.

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In the tradition of The Glass Castle and Angela's Ashes comes the most unforgettable memoir you'll read this year! “What did it mean to be the Tank Man's son? To grow up overwhelmed by my father's presence and personality? It was as if I didn't exist, as if I was just something else for my father to crush.” So begins the haunting memoir of Mark Bouman as he recounts the events of his childhood at the hands of his larger-than-life, Neo-Nazi father in brilliant, startling detail.

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Wild Bill Hickok awakens to the feel of flesh crawling onto his bones. Alive again, in the graveyard in Deadwood on a cold October night, he has an irresistible compulsion to go to Atlantic City.​

Performer Joe Geoffrey has the kind of low, rumbling, Texan voice that makes you feel like you're riding horseback through a long summer's evening listening to a man who's seen it all. Who better to perform Patti Nagle's delicious work of Americana fantasy, Dead Man's Hand?​ ​ ​

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All Christian disciples have one thing in common: As they carry the Gospel across the ocean and across the street, persecution will become the norm for those who choose to follow Jesus. How believers respond in the face of persecution reveals everything about their level of faith and obedience. The Insanity of Obedience is a bold challenge to global discipleship. Nik Ripken exposes the danger of safe Christianity and calls listeners to something greater.

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Max Brand is a penname of Frederick Faust, one of America's most prolific writers. His westerns are famous in that genre's literary canon, though they only contribute a drop in the bucket to the tens of millions of words that Faust wrote over his career, which was tragically cut short by shrapnel in Italy in World War II.

Listening to Joe Geoffrey's trustworthy and grandfatherly voice perform this story of love and revenge, a listener understands why certain vocal chords demand to be professionalized. Geoffrey could easily be a grizzled cowboy recounting the tale around a campfire, and a listener experiences the throaty authenticity of the performance as though transported to the Wild West.

Search Audible.com or ChristianAudio.com for Joe Geoffrey to hear previews of audio books currently available.

Listen to David Goldberg's (EDGE Studio, NY) evaluation of Joe's voice.


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